mardi 24 janvier 2012


Age: 21
HOMETOWN: Nyarugenge/ Kigali
what I like: working hard, romantic and action movies, hanging out, country music, spreading peace worldwide.
What I dislike: Injustice (mostly being given something different from what I worked for), conflict and people who want to destroy the environment.
Why I started architecture: In order to play my role in developing my country in terms of design and construction.

My Idea of Rwanda: Rwanda is a country which had hardest moment of war in the past, it has been destroyed in terms of architecture but something to be celebrated is that currently Rwanda is among the most wanted places due to reconciliation among people and how people are reconstructing their country after its destruction.

My Idea of Architecture: In this world we are living in we do need to enjoy life but also we have to fight against natural aggressions, we do need shelters, these shelters have to be designed. Architecture is a tool helping us designing all these spaces to respond to environmental needs.

My idea of Architecture and Rwanda: In the past Rwandan people used to live in non-designed houses, it became hybridized and since we are having Architecture school Rwanda is promising to be a country that everyone in the world can wish to live in due also to its friendly climate that you can’t find anywhere in the world.



Age: 22

Hometown: Kigali city

What i like: being most engaged with my concern, perfection, honesty, playing football, hanging out with friends, watching movies and listening to the music

What I dislike: flick and jerk people, injustice, talking behind people’s back, and useless remorse

Why I started architecture: from my first day to see the word architecture when I was in secondary school, this word was seemed to be a very strange word to me; then after getting to know its real meaning it has been some thing very aspirational and an act of great importance to me, therefore as I’ve always dreamt to do something of great value to my people and my country, architecture seems to be an answer for me to achieve this.

My idea of Rwanda: Rwanda it’s a country that had faced one of the most painful days and years, but my idea of it now it’s very bright and successful as a country in a new era of living with changed people and new critical way of thinking.

My idea of architecture: for me I see architecture as a solution for human needs and a respond to many problematic issues that the world is facing in one way or another as it is a host for human activities on the earth, and it has a very successful sense of developing people’s mind set and their critical thinking.

My idea of Rwanda and architecture: Rwanda as a country in a new era of development, it needs more architects and architectural features not only to be as a response to Rwandan people infrastructure needs, but as also an object to mark its prosperity and progressive movement in different sector.

dimanche 22 janvier 2012


Name: SEBASHITSI Buranga Olga
Age: 22 years old
Hometown: Kigali
I like: football and to make people smile
I don't like: laziness, hypocrisy and to see people suffering
Why I started architecture: think that to have an idea in your head and to give birth to that idea and transform it in something that can last for many years it's exciting and great.
My idea of architecture and Rwanda: I think that Rwanda is a country with great opportunity. By economical development
the face of the country is changing and old buildings are giving place to new buildings and new designs. Beside I think that architecture shouldn't be only for those new buildings in town but also we should look back to our culture and think of a way to incorporate some elements of our cultural architecture in our design. From that point we can be sure that even though buildings are new we keep a part of our identity in those buildings.

vendredi 20 janvier 2012


Name: BIGIRIMANA Jean Paul

Age: 22 Years old

Hometown: Kigali.

I like: to play IGISORO game to increase my level of thinking, Vengaboys’ songs.

I dislike: failing not only in class, also in current life.

The reason why I started Architecture: First of all I was interested with work of builders different stage of constructing a huge building, again I want to develop myself and to change my country towards development with well-designed buildings considering environment, economy, and social relationship referring to our culture and tradition.

My idea of Rwanda: My country (Rwanda) has a beautiful landscape(mountains, trees ,… ),this help me to understand architecture in different ways ,so my idea is to learn about this landscape and link it to architecture in order to get a new country with nice landscape better design.

mercredi 18 janvier 2012


Name: Nduwamungu Darius

Age: 21

Hometown: Kigali

I like: I like sketches, water color drawings, I love my mum

I chose architecture: to develop my country and my family

Rwanda architecture: I think Rwanda is tending to be a copy of western countries which is bad choice for Rwandans; I think we have to learn from our culture, topography, nature, and environment.... which are completely different from the westerns’. This will give place our own architecture style.